Selected Documentary Credits

Channel 4 – Untold: Obsessed with my Muscles
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (30′)
Made in Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire investigates Muscle Dysmorphia, aka Bigorexia. Neo Studios Box | EP K Kolbon | CE D Ramsey, A Vandermark & J Thomas | TX 2023.

Reality star Miles Nazaire shows a completely different side of himself in a new show where he investigates a health condition called muscle dysmorphia.OK Magazine

Netflix – Tour De France: Unchained
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (Series 1 & 2, 8x 40′)
The inside story of one of the toughest races on the planet, told by the riders themselves. Quad Box | EP James Gay-Rees, Ceri Jones, Wade Wade L’Henoret, Yann Le Bourbouach & Amelia Hann | CE D Emile | TX 2023 & 2024.

“This documentary series thrills… the Tour de France as we have never seen it … with captivating drama… chills at every turn.” Le Parisien

A&E + Channel 4 – We Need To Talk About Prince Andrew
(Edit) Produced (90′)
Emily Maitlis reveals how Newsnight secured the infamous interview with Prince Andrew. Fulwell 73 | EP  J Goldstein, S Lazarus & Nina Davies | CE B Abramson & A Lewally | TX 2023.

This gripping documentary… a deliciously vicious reminder of the dire state of the monarchy.” The Guardian

Pick of the Day inc. The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, Evening Standard, Metro

BBC3 – Dorking ‘Til I Die
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (3x 60′)
A year behind the scenes at non-league Dorking Wanderers FC Ladies in their first season under new chairman Calum Best. Curious Films | EP Dov Freedman & Charlie Russell | CE M Jochnowitz & A Rowe | TX 2022.

“Redemption story… combines players’ personal lives to create slice of amateur sporting life.” Radio Times

Pick of the Week inc. The Daily Mail, The Daily Express

Netflix – Vendetta: Truth, Lies And The Mafia
Edit Produced (3x 60′)
Explosive new docuseries revealing what happens when those trying to bring down organized crime are accused of being criminals themselves. Nutopia | SR David Herman | EP Nicola Moody | CE G Bossetti | TX 2021. Watch trailer here.

“A gripping story… the Sopranos meets Tiger King.” The Guardian

Pick of the Week inc. The Observer, The Times, The Sun,  The Washington Post, La Repubblica

Channel 4 – Dispatches: Is Your Online Habit Killing The Planet
Directed & Edit Produced (30′)
Sophie Morgan investigates the carbon footprint of the technology industry and recruits two families to keep a diary of their online habits to reveal the hidden cost of the cloud. Brook Lapping | EP Karen Edwards | CE Siobhan Sinnerton | TX 2020. Watch it here.

Pick of the Week inc. The Sunday Times & Pick of the Day inc. The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Daily Express, The Mail on Sunday

A&E – The Accused
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (Series 3, 1x 60′)
Extraordinary trial of a woman charged with the murder of her son under Oklahoma’s Failure to Protect law, after the real killer commits suicide. Brinkworth Productions | SP Sam Eastall | Execs M Brinkworth & X Brinkworth | CE Brad Holcman | TX 2022. Watch series trailer here.

A&E – The Accused
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (Series 2, 1x 60′)
A road rage encounter leaves man with life-altering Injuries. Brinkworth Productions | SP Sam Eastall | Execs M Brinkworth & X Brinkworth | CE Brad Holcman | TX 2022. Watch it here.

FIVE – Racism: My Story
Filmed (studio interviews) (90′)
Feature length documentary offering a British perspective on race in 2020. Filmed interviews inc. MP Dawn Butler and former footballer Mark Bright. ITN Productions | EP Ian Rumsey | CE Adrian Padmore | TX 2020. Watch it here.

“This fascinating documentary is an important watch that sometimes makes for difficult viewing, which is why we should all tune in.” The Daily Mirror

“It’s vital that we sit up and listen to stories like these.” The Telegraph

Channel 4 – Dispatches: Coronavirus: Can our NHS Cope?
Directed & Filmed (hospital sequences) (30′)
Filmed inside Ysbyty Gwynedd hospital, Dr. Saleyha Ahsan explores the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the UK’s health services. ITN Productions | EP George Waldrum | CE Louisa Compton | TX 2020. Watch it here.

Pick of the Day inc. The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Metro, The Daily Mirror

Channel 4 – Unreported World: Censored
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (60′)
Sahar Zand goes undercover and reports from Nicaragua on President Daniel Ortega’s vicious campaign against the press, and the brave journalists who refuse to be silenced. Quicksilver Media | SE Sue Turton | EP Eamonn Matthews | CE Siobhan Sinnerton | TX 2019. Watch it here.

Long-listed for One World Media Best Television Documentary Award & screened at the Frontline Club

Tense” The Independent

“Shocking” The Observer

Channel 4 – Extreme Tribe: The Last Pygmies
Directed & Filmed (1x 60′)
First episode of 3 part anthropology series uncovering the daily lives of the Mbendjele tribe in the Congo – revealing the highs and lows of  life in a remote jungle village. Renegade Pictures | EP Harry Lansdown | CE Alf Lawrie | TX 2019. Watch it here.

“Beautiful, moving and entertaining” The Sun

“Engrossing documentary” The Mirror

Channel 4 – Jamie Oliver: The Naked Chef Bares All
(Edit) Produced & Directed (60′)
Filmed during the toughest time of his career, Davina McCall reveals the truth behind the closure of his restaurant chain and looks back at where it all started (inc interviews with Tony Blair, Paul Smith, Sadiq Khan, Mark Thompson & Chris Moyles). JO Productions | EP Nicola Pointer | CE Tim Hannock | TX 2018. Watch it here.

Pick of the Day inc. The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Observer, The Sunday Telegraph

BBC3 – Train Surfing Wars: A Matter of Life and Death
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (30′)
Following UK teenagers who do stunts on tall buildings and ride on top of trains and buses, then post their dangerous exploits online. Turned into the 2022 feature length doc “Off The Rails“. Faction Films | EP Peter Day | CE Carl Callam | TX 2018.

Netflix – Dope
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (1x 45′)
New series for Netflix following the war on drugs in 8 major cities across America. This episode looks at the growing opioid addiction in Atlanta, Georgia and the escalating violence between rival gangs. Wall To Wall | EP Chris Lent | CE Nat Grouille | TX 2018. Watch it here.

BBC1 & 3 – Should I Marry My Cousin?
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (40′)
18 year old Bradford-born Hiba faces a moral dilemma: Should she follow in the footsteps of her family and marry one of her cousins, or go her own independent way. Sugar Films | EP Narinder Minhas | CE Gian Qualigini | TX 2017. Watch it here.

Nominated for Best TV Documentary at Prix Europa 2018  

A thoughtful film that’s both culturally revealing and deeply felt.” The Telegraph 

Far from stirring up controversy, this film handles Hiba’s thought process in a sensitive way.” The Independent

BBC1 & 3 – My Big Gay Jewish Conversion
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (45′)
Simon Atkins is a gay Catholic man who feels more accepted in the faith of his Jewish boyfriend than his own religion. Is Judaism a better doctrine for gay men of faith? Simon travels to Israel to find out. 40 Partners | EP Wendy Robbins & Geoff Goodwin | CE Gian Qualigini | TX 2017. Watch it here.

This gem of a documentary… The result is an emotional and eye-opening journey which grapples with faith in an entertaining and moving way.” The Observer

A smart and sobering documentary.” The Telegraph

BBC1 – Stacey Dooley: Touchdown USA
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (60′)
Stacey Dooley travels to New Orleans to witness a city struggling with rampant crime and poverty, and where hope comes from an unlikely source. Sundog Pictures & NFL | EP Johnny Webb & Dov Freedman | TX 2017. Watch it here.

ITV1 – Parking Wars
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (1x 60′)
Julie Walters narrates this character-led ob doc exploring the on-going war between motorists and parking enforcers, using the prism of parking to take both a humorous and serious look at Britain today. Century Films | SP Juliette Murray-Topham | EP Liesel Evans | CE Jo Clinton-Davis | TX 2016. Watch it here.

Pick of the Day inc. The Daily Telegraph

BBC1 & 3 – Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK: Gay and Under Attack
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (1x 60′)
In episode one of his series, Reggie Yates discovers that for young black and Asian gay men, their harshest critics – and persecutors – often come from their own communities, even their own families. Sundog Pictures | EP Sam Anthony | CE Jamie Balment | TX 2016. Watch it here.

A bravely questioning film… tackling race, religion and sexuality with sensitivity.” The Times

BBC1 & 3 – Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK: Men at War
Directed & Filmed (1x 60′)
Reggie meets the angry young British men who think feminism has gone too far and the women who have felt their wrath, on an internet tailor-made for trolling. Sundog Pictures | EP Sam Anthony | CE Jamie Balment | TX 2016. Watch it here.

In this censorious age, where controversial figures are often shut down or banned from debates, Yates has managed to truly challenge reprehensible views.” The Independent

Nat Geo – Drugs Inc. Heroin Island, NY
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (1x 60′)
Heroin use among teenagers in New York City is rising fast. This film reveals in shocking detail how dealers brand and sell their product to this emerging market, using techniques straight from the advertising agencies on Madison Avenue. Wall to Wall | SP Peter Day | EP Chris Lent | TX 2015. Watch it here.

Nat Geo – Drugs Inc. Shooting up Suburbia
(Edit) Produced (1x 60′)
Vancouver might have been voted one of the best places to live in the World but behind the facade lurks a violent turf war for control of the local cocaine trade, that threatens to make downtown a no-go area. TX 2015. Wall to Wall | SP Peter Day | EP Chris Lent

Channel 4 – Car Crash Detectives
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (30′)
One off film following the work of the MET Police Road Death Investigation Unit who investigate all fatal collisions in London and decide whether to bring those responsible to justice. Windfall Films | EP Ian Duncan | CE David Glover. Watch it here.

Nat Geo – Underworld Inc. Illegal Gambling
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (1 x60′)
This film explores the murky world of illegal gambling told through the eyes of those running this $500 billion underworld economy; featuring sport bookies, card hustlers, street racers and dog fighters. Recommissioned for 2nd series. Wall to Wall | SP Peter Day | EP Chris Lent | TX 2014. Watch it here.

Channel 4 – Born in the Wild
(Edit) Produced & Directed (2 x60’)
In episode one of a new 4-parter, Mark Evans and Dr Joy Reidenberg uncover the weird and wonderful world of elephant reproduction. Using fixed rig infra-red cameras they witness the rare & remarkable birth of a baby elephant in Botswana. And in episode two, they reveal a kangaroo foetus’ perilous journey into its mother’s pouch in Australia. Windfall Films | EP Jamie Lochhead | CE Sara Ramsden | TX 2014. Watch it here.

It’s extraordinary and it’s all on camera.” The Guardian

Channel 4’s fascinating new 4-part series.” The Observer

Nat Geo – Planet XXL
Directed & Filmed (60′)
Single ob doc examining the spread of obesity around the world. Directed US segment following the daily struggles of recovering meth addict Atila whose new addiction to food has seen his weight balloon to 500lb, impacting his life in unimaginable ways. Dragonfly Film & TV | EP Edwina Silver | TX 2013. Watch it here.

Nat Geo – Parick Stewart’s Animal Superpowers
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (60′)
Sir Patrick Stewart unearths the secrets behind amazing animal traits, inc. camouflage in octopus, high voltage strikes in electric eels and regeneration in salamanders. Windfall Films | SP Carlo Massarella | EP David Dugan | TX 2012. Watch it here.

Winner Silver Medal Best ‘Nature & Wildlife’ at New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2013

FIVE/Nat Geo – Giant Animal Moves
(Edit) Produced, Directed & Filmed (3 x60’)
In Zambia where the black rhino was poached to extinction in the 1990s, Brit Ed Sayer tries to reintroduce the once omnipresent rhino back into the heart of Africa. Windfall Films | SP Carlo Massarella | EP David Dugan | TX 2011. Watch it here.

Pick of the day inc. Daily Express

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