What the Press have said:

“A gripping story… the Sopranos meets Tiger King.” The Guardian on Vendetta, Netflix

A bravely questioning film… tackling race, religion and sexuality with sensitivity.” The Times on Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK: Gay and under Attack, BBC

A thoughtful film that’s both culturally revealing and deeply felt.” The Telegraph on Should I Marry My Cousin? BBC3

Beautiful, moving and entertaining.” The Sun on The Last Pygmies, Channel 4

This documentary series thrills… with captivating drama and chills at every turn.” Le Parisien on Tour De France: Unchained, Netflix

This gem of a documentary… The result is an emotional and eye-opening journey which grapples with faith in an entertaining and moving way.” The Observer on My Big Gay Jewish Conversion, BBC

It’s extraordinary and it’s all on camera.” The Guardian on Born in the Wild, Channel 4

This gripping documentary… a deliciously vicious reminder of the dire state of the monarchy.” The Guardian on Andrew: The Problem Prince, Channel 4